We will ship your order within 2 days after payment.

Shipping time depends on location, freight from California to Nevada will take 2-3 days while to Florida can take up to 8-10 days.

We don’t ship internationally but we can deliver to any re-shipping company in USA.

Most of the drive units can be shipped to your residential location. Must mention items with size of 74in+ long will have to be delivered to business with forklift or freight warehouse where can be loaded to your truck or trailer.

Standard warranty is 30 days after delivery.

Modification to the product can void the warranty. Overcharging or physical damage to the unit will affect the refund.

We test the battery in house. We can provide charging history, mileage when dismantled and state of charge for cell groups and full pack. Delta info also available.

Yes, we offer local pick up and will be happy to assist you at our location in Rancho Cordova, California.

We open 8am-5pm Monday through Friday, closed on weekends.

Most of the orders paid after 1pm will be processed the following business day.

Yes, we provide tracking for all orders, small packages will be processed with UPS. Freight will be FedEx Freight, R&L, GLS or other available and trustworthy freight carrier.


Yes, we can prepare the load and you schedule pick up and take care of the charges. We do this for Canada buyers as well as Dubai or any other international or domestic shipping.

Yes, when you purchase multiple modules, you will get modules from the same car. It’s very important for some of our clients and we will meet your expectations. You won’t get a bunch of loose modules from different cars.

Give us a call 916-346-4073  or text us at 916-713-5356
Thank you!